Hero Heart

An open letter to my children

This was written after I was reminded my words were not matching my character. Say thank you to the people who truly care about you and will call you out when your negative emotions overtake you. 💙

My Sweet Babies,

Today I looked back on pictures of life before the pandemic. I never imagined how much life would change on March 13, 2020. I remember the days and weeks leading up to that day. We kept hearing about this “concerning virus”. It was in China and truthfully, there was not a part in me that believed it would become what it has today.

There was something deep inside that always made me believe if it did, we could fix it. I believed that as a Momma there was nothing, I couldn’t protect my babies from. Like so many other parents and special loved ones, I promised that I would keep you safe since the day you were born.

You see, almost all parents believe deep down they are superheroes and when their p

owers fail there is almost always another superhero waiting to fix what lies ahead. Most superheroes never encounter a pandemic. I’m sure you know by now how rare it is to truly live through a pandemic of this magnitude. This may be why you see your very own superheroes becoming tired, angry, confused or a million different emotions.

As you know not all superheroes are from the same Universe, but somehow, they always find themselves fighting for what they believe is good and right. Your superhero may fly through the sky with Superman in the DC Universe, while another superhero is leading a group with Captain America in the Marvel Universe or maybe your hero is being called an “antihero” and hanging with Peacemaker and the Suicide Squad, while avoiding everyone else in DC Universe.

Regardless of what “team” your hero may be fighting on it can be very confusing to see so many different thoughts and opinions mixed into one universe.

Did you know the DC and Marvel Universes have crossed a few times? In the comics only, so don’t worry if you’re reading this and it is new information. The cross over of so many heroes from different universes, trying to save the world, while protecting those they love, is chaotic. Mixing Universes is confusing.

Those superheroes believe with ever fiber of their being that what they are doing is right and when they mix universes, they do not even realize they are fighting for the same cause. They are so focused on getting their universe back to the way it once was or better than it had become. Each superhero believes they are fighting on the right side of the battle. There is no doubt in their mind, and they would lay their life down to protect you.

What happens when all these superheroes have a different way of saving the world? It gets confusing.  I want you to understand what you are hearing, seeing and experiencing regarding the pandemic, masks, schools and vaccines is happening because the Universes have collided and there is no human who can calm that chaos alone.

The universes may collide more than once in your lifetime. It happens anytime people struggle to see the challenges others may face.

In the comics a whole new universe had to be created to accommodate the collision of Universes or what was referred to as “The Brother’s.” Eventually the fight between the “brothers” which were the two Comic Universes, ended. They realized their fighting was futile. Futile just means it was not capable of producing a purposeful result. Kind of like if you try cleaning your bedroom while you eat crackers.

Both Universes were fighting for the same cause, but they couldn’t see past their own frustrations and pain. They were only hurting themselves and they became lost in a battle because they believed so strongly that their side was right.

This is where you come in. No matter your age or what you understand right now, you get to use this history to change the world. You have the power to use all the lessons you have learned thus far to help guide others, as you grow. It seems like an awfully big task to run your own universe one day, but you will.

You can choose to be all the wonderful things you dream of being. Yet, One day life will throw a battle your way, it always does. When you face that battle you will believe you are the superhero in your universe and you will truly believe you are always making the right decisions. You will fight for what you believe in. You may even lose . friends or family. After all, no one stops to realize we are all working for the same cause, to restore what we once had.

You see your real life superheroes were once kids just like you. The big decisions were usually left to their superheroes and one day that all changed. They had to keep their very own universe safe. As all superheroes learn, it is never easy and no one gives you a superhero guidebook. Only the best superheroes know that a guidebook isn’t needed. You can win any battle with understanding and kindness.

Bruce Wayne said in The Dark Knight Rises “A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulders to let him know the world hadn’t ended.”  I want you to know, even if it feels like right now, the world has ended, it hasn’t. The stars can only shine in darkness, but it doesn’t make the darkness less scary while your eyes adjust to see the light.

One day you will look back on these times and I hope more than anything you see the moments of love. I hope you remember no matter what universe the people who care for you are from, someone showed you what it means to be a hero.

I hope you know that even when your superheroes are tired, they love you with their whole heart. I hope someone has shown you kindness over the past 720+ days. If no one has shown you kindness or you feel all alone know this, there is a hero inside of you waiting for you to show the world they exist.

That hero inside is full of love and compassion. The hero is formed every time you witness sadness or joy. Every little memory creates a foundation for your purpose in life. There will be villain’s that will try to make you believe you have no purpose or that your purpose is something harmful. I promise you every superhero has a purpose surrounded in love.

The villains can be found in secrets, lies and discomfort. Villains are sneaky they don’t always use all three sometimes they hide their secrets and make us believe they are loving and kind. When you are confused just remember Superheroes are never found in secrets, lies or discomfort.

It can be confusing because villain’s and superheroes are usually created in the same way. What matters is what they choose to do with their powers. One of my heroes said it the best:

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.”

Maya Angelou

The world will be fine, but the only way to save it is with love. I know we are moving forward without a few of our favorite heroes, but all of the best Superheroes do. I hope you never forget those we have lost during this pandemic because each person is worth our tears. Above all, I pray you keep a Hero Heart.

Cherish each moment and understand the world can change in a second. Soak up smiles because it may be a long time before you are able to see them again. Dance in the rain, because it will make all your sadness wash away even for a moment.

Tell your teachers what they mean to you because you never know when it will be last time you can. Tell those you love how much you love them and protect them from sadness every chance you get.

Most of all never forget that even superheroes must make difficult choices and sometimes they learn the first choice they made was not the best. The one thing that shows a hero heart is admitting when we are wrong and knowing it doesn’t take away your power, in fact it makes us just a little stronger.

Something you may not realize, your feelings matter. Even when superheroes are fighting for you. You have made it through a huge battle over the past few years. You have lost, you have won, you have laughed, you have cried, you have been afraid, and you have been happy. You’ve helped make decisions and decisions have been made without you. All of these decisions have been made on what others believe is best for you, but one day you will grow up and you’ll have to make decisions.

There is something no one tells you about growing up. We keep our exact same heart, it just grows a little bigger in size and superheroes sometimes forget they have the heart of a child. When you get older and your struggling to find joy, just look inside I promise its there. You will find it in all of the small moments when you jump in a puddle of water with dress shoes on or see your reflection in a lake while you are fishing. When you grow up just remember you get to choose what you do with that beautiful heart, choose wisely.  

You may be surrounded by mixed universes right now and you may have seen things that can feel confusing. People who love us have said things that are confusing and unfortunately, you’ve probably encountered a villain or two during the pandemic. A little secret, that no one tells you, we are all the villain and the superhero in someone else’s story, but you get chose how you are remembered.  Just remember in the end, the hero always wins!

I love you BIG much,

Mom, Momma, Jess

Published by Jlyn

I am a 35 year old constantly learning and always growing daughter of a King.

9 thoughts on “Hero Heart

  1. Very impressive and pragmatic message for all the kids along with yours and for the grown-ups too. The pandemic has forced all of us to see life with a new lense and deal with it practically and sensibly.
    Sincerely pray that children should get their carefree childhood back.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice to meet you! Love how you described the hero and the villain here in your blog post “Hero Heart” and thank you for all you do as a nurse practitioner. Peace to you and all ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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