Embracing the Smoke

“Eventually, the time comes when you mourn the comfort you felt in the chaos of the fire. You embrace the smoke and you rise up into your purpose.”


This post is slightly different. I had intended to write everything out into an official post, but I have struggled since the day I recorded this to take it down to a shorter post. So instead I have attached the audio file. I had this thought as I was driving about two weeks ago and I’ve been “stuck” in this block of not being able to put it to paper. I truly hope you all enjoy! It is about 20 minutes long. The audio is available below. It should play on any device. 💙

Smoke from the fire.m4a

Published by Jlyn

I am a 35 year old constantly learning and always growing daughter of a King.

5 thoughts on “Embracing the Smoke

  1. Hi Jessica. Welcome to my blog HealingTones.org . . . I love you blog a lot. Do you mind if I quote a phrase from “Embracing the Smoke” and link your blog to mine in my post this coming weekend? My readers will like reading yours, I’m certain of that. My best,

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    1. Anthony,

      Thank you so much for listening and reading the blog. You absolutely have my permission to quote any phrase and link the blog. Thank you so much!



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