Frozen in the Fire

Welcome Sweet Soul

Owning your story is not about sharing the mistakes

of others.


to create the life you desire with the pain, grief,

happiness, hope and love you have experienced.


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Grief, loss and hope.

Why write what you think people need? The real stories are where the true survival guide is found. No one can heal their outtakes through your highlight real 💙 I have an entire note pad of story ideas. Everyday I add something more to it, in hopes that I will be ready to write thoseContinue reading “Grief, loss and hope.”

Sweet Beautiful Soul

Sweet, beautiful soul, I know you are weary. I know your mind could have never comprehended the pain, sadness, frustration, and grief you would come to know. The day began like any other day, didn’t it my dear? You woke up struggling to get out of bed, or you jumped up from the bed withContinue reading “Sweet Beautiful Soul”

Why God Why?

As I write this evening I am listening to the song The Broken Beautiful by Elle Holcomb. “You can make the broken beautiful, because your love will never change, and there’s healing in your name, your love makes broken things beautiful. “ Hearing this song for the first time has brought many thoughts to myContinue reading “Why God Why?”

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About Me: Jessica Lynn

I am a 35 year old daughter of a King, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I am a Nurse Practitioner with the privilege of caring for diverse group of people. I have a passion for God, guiding others, and making mental health as discussed as physical health. I have been frozen in the fire far to many times and have finally made my way out.

Questions, concerns or would you like to share a story on the blog?

Please send an email to:

May today be the day you tell the story of the

mountains you climbed.

Your words could become a part of someone else’s

survival guide


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